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 Latest Reviews & Comments
Yasmeen Akhtar - Karachi on Compact Kitchen Design 2017 12 Mar 2017
What a color combination it is, like it and bookmarked for my apartment's kitchen renovation. is it also possible to enhance my large room kitchen like this design, how i contact with you for more ideas?? thanks and well appreciated kitchen ideas
Sadia Aslam - Islamabad on Modular Small Kitchen Design 12 Mar 2017
very impressive design, i like specially the cabinets arrangement, make a huge room for standing and also for siting, good looking color combination and in a small area that's amazing idea to manage all the necessary items of kitchen.
karachi - karachi on Wooden Dining Set by Furniture City 26 Feb 2017
sir please price of wooden dining set
Muhammad Yaqoob - Sahiwal on Kitchen Design in Red Cabinets 16 Feb 2017
Looking elegant and exactly what should be the kitchen in a beautiful bungalow. I am building my bungalow in Sahiwal and looking for kitchen designs and I think this is final choice for me.
Ruqayya - Karachi on Stylish Wooden and Mirror Almari 15 Feb 2017
This is a very nice almari design and in fact I have never seen this amazing almari before. First I looked for a medium sized cupboard but this will suit in the same size it is shown. I have now changed my plan, will go for this.
Sahabzada Iqbal - Lahore on Living Room Parda Design 15 Feb 2017
wow, it is looking very beautiful. after viewing this parda design, i am feeling that no need to look for any other designs. This is final for me. Please if can assist me where can I find this design, I will be more grateful to you.
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